More traditional Watch Makers are joining the smart watch bandwagon


Traditional watchmakers are quickly jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon, with the most recent ones to be Tag Heuer and Fossil to join the smartwatch arms race with Android Wear watches in development.

Details on company’s devices are scarce, with no information being given by the companies involved (even from Intel who is contribution chips and sensors for Tag Heuer) so it’s still up to debate what they might be coming up with, though Tag Heuer has confirmed that their Android Wear device will be a digital replica of their original black Carrera model but will still be a distinctively traditional looking watch.

Luxury watch makers often downplay current smartwatches as playthings that won’t stand the test of time, especially when it comes to design and materials used to make it. With the expertise of craftsmanship now going into tech, it will be interesting to see how does this pan out, considering Apple is trying to portray its watch as a fashion item instead of another tech gadget.

If money were no object, would you get an Apple Watch or a smart watch from a Luxury brand that’s running on Android Wear?