ChatSIM with unlimited messaging worldwide will be available in Malaysia |

ChatSIM with unlimited messaging worldwide will be available in Malaysia

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If you travel a lot and hate the hassle of finding a local SIM just to stay in touch, you should check out ChatSIM. Formerly known as WhatSIM, this SIM card offers unlimited instant messaging globally for a flat fee of just €10 per year. That’s roughly RM40 which is quite affordable for an extensive roaming coverage.

ChatSIM will be available locally soon as DirectD has been appointed as the official reseller in Malaysia. There are 2 SIM Cards available – ChatSIM and ChatSIM Plus, where the only difference is the list of supporting telcos and countries. For Malaysia, it is supported on the standard ChatSIM and it connects via Maxis network.

If you plan to get one, DirectD will be announcing its local retail price and its official availability within the few weeks to come. According to them, they will have a local ChatSIM site where you can purchase the SIM online. Alternatively you can also get it from their on ground stores once it is officially available.

In terms of usage, ChatSIM offers 24/7 access which keeps you connected without the hassle of hunting for free WiFi. By default you can send unlimited text and emoticons for free. If you plan to send photos, videos and audio messages, you’ll need to purchase extra credit which varies depending on which zone you’re in. A €10 top up gives you 2,000 credits and data usage is charged from as low as 50 Credit/MB (€10=40MB) to as high as 750 Credit/MB (€10=2.6MB).

It isn’t just limited to WhatsApp either as it also supports Line, Tango, Messenger, WeChat, QQ Chat, iMessenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Telegram, Snapchat, Hangout, Viper, Twitter and ChatOn. If you’re wondering how is ChatSIM possible, the founding company ZeroMobiles has partnered with over 400 operators across 150 countries to provide a flat rate data service solely for instant messaging.

For more information, check out their official website.

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10 Comments for ChatSIM with unlimited messaging worldwide will be available in Malaysia


Sounds like a good idea but RM40 a year is bit steep for those who travel infrequently. €10 a year is very affordable to an European but we are earning RM. It should be priced differently in different countries. Furthermore you can't send photos which is a downer.


    Still cheaper than our mobile roaming. Maxis charge RM38 for one day and RM10 for a few countries. if you stay overseas for at least 3 days, you already saved money. You can also use this in Malaysia so it is worth the unlimited usage. 11 sen each day.


      It's only for text messages & emoticons. Other than that, you have to buy extra with vague plan.
      If you read the fine print, it's even confusing. With 6 zones, credit/MB and 'each zone does not account for more than 60% out of the total traffic exchanged' you'll find hard to understand.
      It might be useful for frequent traveller, but if only for vacations it's not tempting.


It's not attractive if you can't send photos. While on vacation a photo can say a thousand words. May as well wait until you have WiFi or back in the hotel.


Yup.. how about receiving photos? Need to buy credits also?

    Andrew C

    Yep-Euro10,and for Malaysia,which is Zone 2- it is 100 credits/MB- 100 photos of about 200 kB in size,as Euro 10 recharge = 2000 credits.

Andrew C

Viper or Viber?
last Par- second line "…. Snapchat, Hangout.."


Talking about roaming have anyone here tried Flexiroam? I heard they offering such attractive package. Retain original number while abroad but pay no roaming charges. Data offered with certain package that enough to cater normal usage for communication. Interesting right?


which is better ? malaysian telco or this chatsim ?
im just stay in malaysia often go aboard .


Do not buy!

Its not unlimited messaging as advertised. BS daily average traffic constraint.

After rigorous emails exchange with chatsim I give up on their 'reply like no reply' answer.