iPhones are now more expensive in Malaysia

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It seems that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are going to be more expensive from here on out, and it hasn’t even been six months since they became available for the Malaysian market.

Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, we have the latest pricing for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which all show a marked increase:

iPhone 6
iPhone 6 16GB – RM2,399  RM 2,549
iPhone 6 64GB – RM2,749 RM 2,949
iPhone 6 128GB – RM3,149  RM 3,349

iPhone 6 Plus 
iPhone 6 Plus 16GB – RM2,749  RM 2,949
iPhone 6 Plus 64GB – RM3,149 RM 3,349
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB – RM3,549 RM 3,749

The price for the iPhone 5s has also increased, despite being slashed down by Apple late last year

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S 16GB – RM1,999 RM 2,149
iPhone 5S 32GB – RM2,199 RM 2,349

Lucky for us, it appears that the iPad and the iPhone 5c are still retaining it’s original pricing. The reason for the markup might just be due to fluctuating exchange rates after our currency took a hit in recent months against the Dollar. The iPhone was already carrying a premium price tag before the increase and there’s no signs of slowing down especially when it hit record sales last quarter.

Thanks borneoboi for the tip!

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17 Comments for iPhones are now more expensive in Malaysia


not just iPhone, everything imported will be more expensive. This is because BNM refuses to raise the interest rate (at least 3 more %) when there is clearly a property bubble. Now that the bubble is so huge and we have the highest household debt to GDP in Asia, raising the interest rate to defend the ringgit is almost impossible. Raising it means more bankruptcy. Can the ringgit drop to 4 against 1 USD? I think there is a possibility. Today's new low is 3.7015. Once it hit 3.8, it will be a roller coaster ride.

We're in a 'between the ocean and deep blue sea'. Do die, don't do also die. We'll survive this, life goes on. The winners are none other than property speculators.




Must be GST la…..


not an applefag, so don't care


    but still a fag??


nothing to do with being apple/ iPhone fan.. the message by Danny Archer is a scary reality for the whole country.

cost of living is horrendous


First GST 6% burden, now low currency exchange rate add more import product getting expensive.

Thanks Finance Minister of Bolehland !!!


Really jialak Malaysia. Govern by the stupid gov has make the people's life in ruin.


Sounds like there will be a further charge of 6% GST on top of this increased price come next month? This is really too much for a smartphone (even though i'm a Apple fan!).


Dear Soyacincau,

The actual reason behind the price increase is not our currency exchange.

The real reason might be GST. Apple need to absorb 6% from their selling price…

doubt me? U do the math rm2399+ 6% =Rm2542….


    Malaysia isn't the only country having the price hike for the iPhone. Even Australia with longer GST implementation has increased its iPhone 6 pricing to almost 15%. Besides they can't impose GST before 1st of April.

    Another point worth pointing out is that the iPad pricing remains unchanged. Doubt they would exempt those from GST if any.

      Neo Noir

      The reality is we are in Malaysia not in Australia..so we don't have to talk about other countries..we need to focus on what's happening here rather looking at the other side of green..


        You do realise that Apple isnt a local brand and foreign currency exchange rates could affect its pricing.


By Sep, new iPhone generation will be announce & it would worth the wait for the price you have to pay now.


No, it is because of the exchange rate. Mind you, the "latest" rate not included GST yet! Wait until you knclude the gat


Is that 100% sure Ipad will not increase in price?