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11 Things you didn’t know about the GALAXY Note 4

This post is paid for by Samsung Mobile Malaysia and the Galaxy Note 4. Do you Note?

So you’ve gotten a GALAXY Note 4 and you probably wonder what else could you do with it. With a powerful processor, improved S-Pen stylus and a vibrant 5.7″ Quad HD display, this is still the king of phablets which is now in its 4th generation. To get going immediately, here are the Top 11 features which you may not know you can do on your GALAXY Note 4.

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One Handed Operation


The GALAXY Note 4’s Quad HD display is incredibly clear but at 5.7 inches, it is quite a stretch for those with smaller hands. Fortunately there’s a built-in feature where it resizes the display so that each corner is reachable with your thumb. There’s also on-screen buttons for home, back and recent apps.

How-to: Settings > Display and wallpaper > One-handed operation > Reduce screen size. To resize, just swipe from the preferred edge towards the centre and then back to the same edge quickly.

Side Key Panel


If you don’t want to sacrifice on having a smaller screen, you still can make it easy for single handed operations by enabling the Side Key Panel. This is basically a floating panel which gives you one touch access for the main physical buttons (Home, Back & Recent Apps). You can also adjust the transparency or move it around, so that it won’t block the vital areas of your current apps.

How-to: Settings > Display and wallpaper > One-handed operation > Side Key Panel.

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Multi-screen Multitasking


Why view one app at a time when you can view more? The GALAXY Note 4 supports Multi-Window multitasking where you can split 2 apps in a single view. On the GALAXY Note 4, there are couple of ways to do this: From the recent apps screen or by long pressing the “Back” button. Alternatively you could also drag a floating app (activated by dragging from a top corner of an app) to either top or bottom of the screen.

How-to: Settings > Multi Window

Keyboard Hot Keys


The keyboard is mightier than the mouse and the GALAXY Note 4 default keyboard is more useful than you think. The top row of numeric keys can be programmed into any text you want with hot keys. You can use it for short replies and hashtags or as long as your full home address.

How-to: Settings > Language and input > Samsung keyboard (gear icon) > My hot keys

Voice Recorder for Meetings


The next time if you have a meeting, why not record the conversation as a back up for taking notes. Instead of the usual single track audio recording, the GALAXY Note 4 has a special Meeting Mode which is smart enough to identify up to 8 difference voices from different direction. After recording, you are able to mute specific speakers or listen to specific ones when you are listening to the playback. If it is a two way conversation, there’s a more simplified Interview mode as well.

How-to: Apps > Voice Recorder

120° Wide Selfie


Selfies are a big thing these days and taking a larger group of people in a single shot can be a challenge. Instead of pulling out a cumbersome selfie stick, the Galaxy Note 4 comes with Wide Selfie mode which takes a wider 120 degree panorama selfie. To take the shot, it is as easy as taking the front shot, then followed by tilting the phone to the left and right slowly. The result is impressive and you level up your selfie shots by doing something like below.

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click to enlarge

Anti-Shake Selfie


Holding a phablet device can be a stretch, and it could be challenging to take the picture normally in a single hand. Instead of trying tap on screen, you could take the selfie shot easier by tapping on the heart rate sensor instead.

How-to: When you’re using the front facing camera, just tap on the heart rate sensor at the back lightly to take the shot.

Customisable Quick Settings


Do you have a setting that you frequently need to change? Whether it is flight mode, NFC, Bluetooth or Download Booster, you can make these toggles easier to reach by customising the Quick Settings list on the notification bar.

You can set a total of 10 active buttons from a total of 21 options.

How-to: Use two fingers to drop down the notification bar > tap on the edit (Pencil icon) button > drag and drop your preferred options.

Mobile WiFi Hotspot


If your home or office internet is down and you need connection right away, you can always depend on your GALAXY Note 4 as your emergency back up. By enabling Mobile hotspot, you can turn your Galaxy Note 4 as a portable WiFi connection and you can share it with up to 10 other devices.

Just take note that this would utilise your current mobile plans, so take note that you would need a bigger data plan if you are going to use this a lot.

How-to: Settings > Tethering and Mobile hotspot > Mobile Hotspot

Sound Detectors


This is quite a hidden trick which is quite interesting to highlight. Buried under its accessibility settings, there’s a sound detector feature which gives you visual and vibrating alerts if it detects a door bell or hears the sound of a crying baby. This is actually designed for people with hearing disabilities but it can be useful for moments when you’re expecting someone at home while having headphones on.

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How-to: Settings > Accessibility > Hearing > Sound Detectors

Safety Assistance


During emergencies, you would want your loved ones to be informed with your situation and current location. On the GALAXY Note 4, you can easily send a distress call for help along with vital information with minimal input. The Safety Assistance feature can be triggered by pressing the power button repeatedly 3 times. Once you’ve selected your emergency contacts, you can also add the option to include your current GPS location, immediate photos taken from both cameras as well as a short audio recording. So if you ever get into trouble, you can call for help with vital info with a simple triple press action.

How-to: Settings > Safety Assistance