Infographic: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9

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The HTC One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 edge were the biggest announcements to kick off MWC 2015. The One M9 appears to be an incremental update retaining its iconic unibody brushed metal finish with upgraded hardware underneath. Meanwhile Samsung has completely overhauled its new flagship model with a fresh premium design and advanced internals for both processor and RAM. The Galaxy S6 edge is essential the same device as the Galaxy S6 but it gets a dual-curved edge display and it is slightly larger battery capacity.

So how does the two titan flagships compare? We have an easy to read infographic comparing all three (inclusive of the Galaxy S6 edge) after the break.


(click to enlarge)

This cool infographic is specially designed for us by Vernon Chan from TheHypedGeek. So if you’re planing to get a new flagship smart phone in the next few months, which of the three would you get? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our first impressions of the HTC One M9 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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21 Comments for Infographic: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs HTC One M9


I will be getting the S6 edge …. Far too long been HTC user now going to migrate to Samsung for innovation …..HTC really disappoint…..


After reading the HTC One M9 Review from SoyaCincau, especially the camera performance. I think i will stick with Samsung. Galaxy S6 is kinda ugly to me, i think i will choose S6 Edge.
April 10th! Please be hurry!


Is it true M9 using Gorilla Glass 3? A quick search result say it's using Gorilla Glass 4.


    Updated, thanks for highlighting. =)

angus dei

So much wrong info for the M9..


    Updated the infographic. =)


for me, M9 looks with htc's lollipop with S6 specs…. to bad that not gonna happen…


Definitely S6 Edge~!


This infographic is bull shit, the M9 also has ddr4 as well as quick charging but never got mentioned, moreover, m9 has a 5 inch screen, not 5.1


Have u guys saw the recent review on the Samsung S6 ?? They changed the battery from removable to non-removable now. I mean if cannot remove the battery then if the battery worn out already means have to change phone also la? LOL also there's no SD card slot for external storage anymore lehh.. I really dont geddit why the wanna change in that way, will the phone actually perform better without the removable battery or they're just the same??

    Bunny Jerry

    Now, those smartphones makers tend to use non-removable batt cos they wan the design to be slim n thin ma.. Easier to be use. Non-removable batt are usually made by steel cos it will look more elegant and luxury.

      Steven Hong

      yeah i guess you can say the design is cool and what not, but the main thing tho, the feature! it has this new feature that allows you to charge your phone for 10 mins and use it for over 4 hours. HOW INSANE IS THAT? Also it's much slimmer now so you can just slide it up in your pocket and keep it safe 🙂 Oh, and um because it isn't a removable battery, thats why the sd card couldn't be slot in. but this i think is a good thing. Cause we are moving to an era of faster processors. so if you have high end processor, but still use external cards, the data reading will just slow it down. So for the sake of file access speed, this is a better feature. Here is a link where i read up on this on. :…


some forums and blogs said that the s6's battery cannot be removed and there's no external storage
what is this? are they trying to be a copy cat? what happened to all samsung's first (first flip phone, first camera phone) now everything become second
definitely prefer my s5 and removable batteries and external storage so troublesome carrying battery pack around


I'm so fed up with the loose backcover of previous samsung phones which easily come off whenever we drop the phone and the battery also will come off along ! everytime drop confirm all the pieces will come off and need to put back restart my phone. I think u guys are right , the new design is better so wont need to keep pick up ur backcover and battery whenever u drop the phone hahahaha. also i think the housing will be stronger lor, unlike nw everything also so loose. ishhh


what if i get an s6 and lets say the performance of the battery starts to degrade and i want to change a new one
dont tell me i have to go all the way to the service centre just to change a battery
and for me i love to go trekking but i just use my phone's camera to take pictures but carrying powerbanks is not practical cuz i want to travel light instead of wasting energy one pointless weight.

    Steven Hong

    noo, that would be quite a rare situation if you had to do that. cause s6 has higher charge capacity than other smart phones which uses non-removable battery. It holds a total charge of 2550 mAh. and also it supports wireless charging with Powermat and Qi, and also it has a supercharging feature that allows you to charge the phone quite fast WITH wire. So, with all this i don't think you'd have the problem with the battery. If you need a place to read up on this, here is a link on the phone specs,…

Bunny Jerry

The manufacturer do not wan us to remove the battery easily, this is why i think they design the battery of S6 to be non-removable… By using duplicate batt might corrupt the internal hardware ad damage the phone itself..

    Six Sense

    so this mean we cannot buy powerful battery like for the previous model.. oh so sad.. 🙁


something interesting to share with all of you….the bulletproof smartphone!…


There so many smartphones out there which use non removable batteries such as HTC Apple etc. I personally feel that there's no problem with Samsung changing the design to non removable battery smartphones bcos indeed non removable batteries perform better. And now S6 can compete better with other smartphones in the market.


the s6 is quite impressive by looking at its design and the s6 edge as well looks so cool the screen is until the side
read lots of reviews about the galaxy s6 and i love it everything is built in and so sleek man so sleek…..
definitely cant wait for it to be launched