These Apple Watch ads are stunning to look at


Apple wants you to see the Apple Watch not as a smartwatch. Instead Apple wants you to see the Apple Watch as a fine piece of jewelry, a high fashion item. Just take a look at these pages taken from the the March issue of Vogue and you will know what we mean.

The 12-page spread is said to cost Apple “north of US$2.2 million” and it features all three versions of the soon to be released Apple Watch. This includes the ultra-chic 18-karat gold luxe edition, a rubber-strapped and brightly coloured sports edition and the leather-bound standard edition.

True to Apple style, the ad pages look appropriately stylish that resemble jewelry advertising more that an ad for a smartwatch, and perhaps it needs to be for Apple to really differentiate its wearable over the many others that are available in the market right now.

But is the Apple Watch a wearable the focuses too much on form that it sacrifices function? Or can it offer much more than just a stylish design?