Microsoft gives eligible students free Office 365 subscriptions worldwide


Are you a student in need of a word processor and all the useful features that come with Microsoft Office? Microsoft has a surprise in store for students worldwide. They promised free Office 365 subscriptions to US students in 2013 but have extended that offer to students globally as long as they’re in a country that’s been listed as eligible for the offer.

The list of eligible countries can be viewed here, and Malaysia is one of them. Schools will have to buy subscriptions for staff and faculty but once they have, students and teachers alike can self-install for no charge by using a school-issued email address at the Office in education site. After signing up they’ll get access to the gamut of Office applications and will be able to install them up to five computers and five smartphones or tablets. The account will also come with Office Online and 1TB of OneDrive storage, which is icing on the cake.

But we do see a caveat here; your school will probably have to have already purchased a Office 365 subscription beforehand for this to work, as well as have a school-issued email address available as well; which is not something all local schools are likely to possess.