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Galaxy S6 to get major improvement from leaner TouchWiz


With the Samsung Galaxy S6 coming, Samsung is finally making a change for the better with a massive retooling of the TouchWiz software.

Well known to be full of bloatware, generally unoptimized and not very visually appealing, the new version with the Galaxy S6 is rumoured to be optimized to the point it will run similar to near-stock Android level and will majorly cut down on the bloatware by making most of it optional downloads. This is a great move on their part so users will be able to get more performance out of it instead of just relying on devices with larger and larger amounts of processing power to handle it all.

However it is unclear just what sort of apps Samsung has removed, where it could be possible that things like S Health, S Voice, S Note or Scrapbook will have to be downloaded separately on the Galaxy Apps store.

However, the Galaxy S6 will instead come inbuilt with apps like Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile with a free Office 365 subscription and Skype, signalling a shift in Microsoft’s focus in the smartphone market considering the Windows Phone isn’t doing as well as it should.

As performance goes, the TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6 is purported to be extremely fast compared to Android Lollipop on the Galaxy Note 4, and they have also adopted a lot of the animations and effects that debuted on Lollipop so we can safely assume that it will look better too.

Other changes will be made to the UI as well, inclusive of more theming options, 4x, 4×5 and 5×5 icon layouts for the app drawer, an updated default keyboard, app drawer tweaks and a ‘green as grass’ dialer app.

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The changes can only be good for the end-users with the much needed update; so lets hope these changes really are for the better when we get to see it during Samsung’s UNPACKED event during MWC 2015.