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Beware of Fakes: Xiaomi Mi Note gets cloned


There’s no limit to what the Chinese can do. In less than a month since its announcement, imitation units of the Xiaomi Mi Note is now available in the Chinese market. While it looks like the real deal, they are actually nothing but cheap fakes.

The front still gets a similar sized 5.7″ display but underneath it runs on an unspecified Quad-Core processor with just 1GB of RAM, instead of 3GB on the standard Mi Note. Side by side, the clone unit is noticably thicker and the back is made out of cheap plastic instead of a more expensive 3D gorilla glass. The biggest difference is in the performance where it scores a lower 18,000 points instead of 46,600 points on Antutu.

If someone approaches you with a cheap offer that’s too good to be true, then it probably is. We recommend buying your device only from authorised dealers and reputable sources. A while back, a guy in Malaysia was sold a fake Redmi Note which performed very badly compared to the original. Even OPPO is having a similar problem as they have highlighted a significant number of counterfeit cases in Malaysia.

Check out more photos of the original versus the fake Mi Note after the break.