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Tune Talk now has 4G LTE but it isn’t ready for all


As teased a week ago, Prepaid MVNO Tune Talk is now 4G LTE ready. In terms of availability, the 4G LTE service will be rolled out in stages and it will require a brand new SIM (USIM 64K). According to Tune Talk, a selected group of users will be notified via SMS with an offer to upgrade to the newer 4G LTE enabled SIM Cards.

For other customers that didn’t get informed, you may purchase the 4G LTE SIMs at selected dealers later. No dates are mentioned but Tune Talk says that full availability to all subscribers would be coming real soon. According to them, you can expect faster download speeds between 10Mbps to 30Mbps, subject to connection strength and network capacity. There’s no separate 4G plans and you can enjoy faster speeds with their current data plans that offer as high as 5GB at RM68/month.

For more information, you can check out Tune Talk’s 4G LTE FAQ page.

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