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Do mobile phones cause cancer? The answer might not be the one you’ve been led to believe


Do mobile phones cause cancer?

If you answer yes to this question then you could be wrong. And the stats seem to back this up.

While some quarters would like nothing better to do than to scare the public with claims that radiation from mobile phone — particularly smartphones that’s packed with various radio antennas — the physics and the stats show that there is no correlation between mobile phone use and cancer.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this video from Veritasium, one of the most prominent science educational channels on YouTube, that explains, in simple terms, why you shouldn’t worry too much about the radiation emanating from your smartphone and it does a really good job of debunking a lot of myths surrounding the topic

Debunking the myth.
Can radiation from mobile phone cause cancer?
Not directly because the radiation emanating by mobile phones are non-ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation doesn’t have enough energy to alter your DNA.

Mobile phone radiation is identical to the ones you get in a microwave. If microwaves can cook food, microwaves from phones can cook my brain.
Not really, while the type of waves are similar. The radiation generated by a microwave oven is over 1000 times stronger than the radiation coming from your phone.

Living near a mobile phone tower is will increase the chances of you getting cancer.
Not really. The truth is this, if you live in an area with better reception, that means your phone will have to emit less microwaves to get the same performance. So you’re actually exposed to lower radiation the closer you are to a cell tower.

Cell towers do not create very intense microwave fields near your head. Phones result in much higher intensity radiation near your head because of their close proximity.

A Swedish study has shown that you are 3 times more at risk of developing Glioma — the most common form of malignant brain cancer — and the World Health Organisation has classified cellphone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, so it must be dangerous!
Consider that brain cancers are exceeding rare. In any given year, you have a 3-in-100,000 chance to develop Glioma. Taking the Swedish study into account, the likelihood of you developing due to long term mobile phone use (over 25 years) is 9-in-100,000, which is still a very, very small number. Also, some quarters are arguing that the study could be methodologically flawed.

Meanwhile, a study in Denmark that involved the whole Danish population (over 5 million people) found no link between mobile phone usage and brain cancer.

So what do you think?