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Swatch plans to release a smartwatch that doesn’t need to be charged


Wearables is booming in 2015 and the most popular format in this product segment is the smartwatch. While technology the smartwatch market is dominated by technology companies like Pebble, Jawbone, Samsung and Sony, it comes to no surprise that watchmakers are trying to jump on board.

Swiss watchmaker for the masses, Swatch is the latest to show interest in a piece of the smartwatch pie. Popular for its pop culture designs, you can expect the Swatch smartwatch to look good at the very least but you can expect a lot more of the Swatch smartwatch. According to Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, the smartwatch, expected to be released in the next three months, will not have to be charged. How this is achieved is unclear at the moment but let’s hope the CEO is not being overly creative or optimistic with what his product can do.

The Swatch smartwatch will have NFC and will be compatible with Android and Windows software. On top of that, it will allow users to make mobile payments at participating outlets