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This is the only reason why we would get the iPhone 6


If there is one reason for us to get the iPhone 6, this is it.

This ultra-cool iPhone 6 cover is epic because it almost perfectly replicates, arguably, the best looking Batmobile created — the one that first appeared in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. If that’s not cool enough for you, the case features extendable wheels to reveal the iPhone 6 camera. There are four LEDs that light up when a call comes in. And in case your friends are not super impressed already, you can project the bat signal onto a nearby mamak table with the built in projector light.

This case is so awesome, it almost justifies getting the overpriced iPhone 6. And if you want one, the Crazy Case Batmobile is cost 5,940 Japanese Yen (about RM180) minus shipping, and should be available in May. Pre-orders start, end March.

A Batmobile Tumbler version was released late last year as well.

Head over to the Crazy Case product page for more details.