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Celcom offers iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 from RM998


Planning to get a brand new iPad with 4G LTE support? Celcom is now offering the latest iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 cellular versions on contract, starting from RM998. All 3 storage options (16GB, 64GB and 128GB) are available and you have a choice to subscribe to one of 3 iPad data plans ranging between 2.5GB to 10GB per month.

Its Celcom First iPad Lite at RM50/month comes with 2.5GB a month, while its First iPad Basic at RM70/month comes with 4.5GB data quota. For heavy data usage, its First iPad Advance of RM100/month comes with 10GB of data, which is equivalent to just RM10/GB.

View the full iPad bundled pricing with 24 months contract after the break.

iPad Air 2

16GB (RRP: RM2,029)
iPad Lite (2.5GB) – RM1,578
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – RM1,458
iPad Advance (10GB) – RM1,288

64GB (RRP: RM2,349)
iPad Lite (2.5GB) – RM1,828
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – RM1,708
iPad Advance (10GB) – RM1,538

128GB (RRP: RM2,679)
iPad Lite (2.5GB) – RM2,118
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – RM2,008
iPad Advance (10GB) – RM1,828

iPad mini 3

16GB (RRP: RM1,699)
iPad Lite (2.5GB) – RM1,288
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – RM1,168
iPad Advance (10GB) – RM998

64GB (RRP: RM2,029)
iPad Lite (2.5GB) – RM1,598
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – RM1,478
iPad Advance (10GB) – RM1,308

128GB (RRP: RM2,349)
iPad Lite (2.5GB) – RM1,888
iPad Basic (4.5GB) – RM1,778
iPad Advance (10GB) – RM1,608

During sign up, take note that you’ll need to pay an advance payment between RM350 to RM700, which will be rebated back to your bills across 10 months.

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For more info, head over to Celcom’s iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 pages.