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Maxis to stop offering its SurfMore 75 postpaid plan


With the increased usage of instant messaging, there’s little need of making phone calls and SMS these days. Therefore it makes more sense to subscribe to data centric plans that comes with more data and you’ll only pay for voice calls and SMS only when required. It looks like the days of cheap data is slowly coming to an end. After enforcing a fixed quota onto its legacy unlimited data plan, Maxis is now cutting off what appears to be the most affordable data-centric 4G enabled postpaid plan in the market.

Effective 29th January 2015, Maxis will no longer offer its SurfMore 75 plan which gives 5GB of data for just RM75 a month. What’s left is its SurfMore 50 which gives you 2GB at RM50/month. If you’re interested, you have a few days left to subscribe to this plan. You can do so through its online store or you can make a switch by calling them at 123 for current Maxis customers.

For existing SurfMore 75 customers, you may still continue to enjoy the existing plan offering. Take note that if you decide to switch to other plans, there’s no turning back.

Another change is the removal of its More Voice add-on where you can top up RM12 for an extra bundle of 120 minutes of voice calls (10sen/minute). It’s More SMS add-on however is still retained with 120 SMS offered at RM6/month.

Probably the biggest blow is the cost of topping up extra data. Previously Maxis’s SurfMore quota upgrade charges just RM10 for 500MB, RM15 for 1GB and RM50 for 5GB. Effective 29th January, the cost of extra quota will be increased dramatically to RM25 for 500MB and RM35 for 1GB. As a introductory promo, they are offering free data quota for the first 3 months, offering 500MB + Free 1GB at RM25 and 1GB + Free 2GB at RM35. Overall, data is getting more expensive and Maxis appears to be trying hard to entice its subscribers to switch to its MaxisOne Plan.

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For more information, head over to Maxis SurfMore page or visit their SurfMore 75 FAQ page.

Thanks @BenLovesBlue for the heads up!