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This website compares mobile plans in an interesting way


Do you know if you’re current mobile provider is screwing you over? Don’t Bodoh is a new website that aims to educate Malaysians of their current mobile plan and compares them with other options from other competitors.

We’re not sure who’s behind it but it claims to be presented by an independent entity. A quick check on its domain name whois info reveals Cenxus Multimedia (presumably the web developer) as the domain owner but that’s usually the way to conceal the actual person behind the scene.

To use the comparison is pretty simple, just enter your average monthly spends, select which provider you’re with in either postpaid or prepaid and then select the plan you’re on. It will then find other similar plans from other telcos along with a rating if it is a good plan or not.

We tried it several times and found that the site has its own shortcomings. The list of postpaid plans isn’t extensive as we hoped for and it left out some notable ones like Maxis Talkmore, Celcom First One and its former Celcom First plans which are being subscribed to by existing users. Another issue is that it is limited to the big 4 telcos such as DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile, leaving out MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) such as RedONE, TuneTalk and etc.

Nevertheless it is still a commendable effort and hopefully they can tweak it further to cover more plans. You can check it out yourself at