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OnePlus is announcing something new. What could this be?


UPDATE: OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank is officially announced at US$14.99.

OnePlus which has made its name with their self-professed 2014 flagship killer is going to announce something before the year is over. They have posted a teaser image hinting that it will be announced today and probably will help you to “Go Further”.

There’s no concrete hint on the product but looking at the 4 dots and its theme, this could be a power bank or a battery sleeve for the OnePlus One. On the description, OnePlus says they have 10,000 units of whatever this could be. Recently a purported OnePlus One mini was leaked but some are dismissing it as a cheap knock off from China. For its newer OnePlus Two smart phone, it is still too early and they are likely to announce it towards mid-2015. Who knows OnePlus might just surprise us with something totally different like Xiaomi’s Smart Air Purifier.

Meanwhile OnePlus has yet to show any indication of its official availability in Malaysia. During its first gathering, OnePlus says they will go to market locally by end of this year. With just 2 weeks left, it looks like Malaysians would probably need to wait until next year.