Soon you might be able to use WhatsApp on your desktop web browser

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UPDATE: WhatsApp Web is now officially available. Learn how to activate it here.

While working on a computer, one can get easily distracted by their mobile phones with constant message alerts from WhatsApp. That could be a thing of a past as WhatsApp appears to be working on a web based WhatsApp app, making it possible to read and reply to chat messages on your desktop computer.

According to the source, it could be called simply as WhatsApp Web. A quick check at shows that it has been password protected but strangely with Google’s authentication. This is quite surprising considering WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook.

So how is a web version possible since WhatsApp identifies you solely by your mobile number without passwords? Apparently it uses QR code where you’ll need to scan it from the WhatsApp web screen using your mobile phone. So far there’s no word on its exact availability and this is definitely a must have feature for the office folks.


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