5 Reasons why the BenQ F5 is the smart phone to get

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This post is paid for by BenQ Smartphones. Capture enchanting surprise even in the dark with the BenQ F5.


There are plenty of affordable 4G LTE smart phones in the market but did you know that the BenQ F5 is able to give you more? Priced at RM699, this Android smart phone is not only affordable but it packs better hardware and features than other devices in the same price range.

If you want to stretch your ringgit further, here are 5 reasons why the BenQ F5 should be on top of your consideration list.

1. Get More for Less

Most entry to mid-level smart phones usually come with just 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. On the BenQ F5, its 1.2GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 processor is mated with 2GB RAM and it comes with a generous 16GB of on-board storage. This gives you better multi-tasking performance and more space for apps, photos and videos. If that’s not enough, you can easily pop-in a memory card with its expandable microSD slot.

2. A Smart Phone that cares for your eyes

Most of us would stare at our smart phones for several hours a day. Like desktop monitors, prolonged usage could have adverse effects. Studies have shown that blue light is found to be the source of eye fatigues and it can cause long term eye problems. With BenQ’s vast experience in LED backlight technology, they have introduced its Low Blue Light feature on its smart phones.

With its Low Blue Light mode enabled, they are able to cut down on harmful short wave effects that are similar to UV Rays. Overall it reduces the risk of eye damage while still maintaining good colour reproduction.

Unlike other entry-level 4G phones with low pixelated 800×480 displays, you get to enjoy crisp and clear text and images thanks to its higher 1280×720 resolution display on a 5” screen. In whatever situation you’re in, the BenQ F5 offers great viewing angles too as it uses IPS (In-Plane Switching) LCD.

3. Download Faster and Last Longer

The BenQ F5 comes with 4G LTE connectivity that supports download speeds up to 150Mbps. This allows you to stream higher quality videos and you could upload your social content faster than the usual standard 3G.

Since 4G lets you do more, it is also good to know that the F5 comes with a bigger 2,520mAh capacity battery. This allows you to stay connected for a full day on a single charge with average use.

4. Slim and Lightweight


With a generous hardware and a large 2,520mAh capacity battery, the BenQ F5 is still one of the slimmest in this category at 8.5mm. It’s also lightweight at 135g. Believe it or not, that’s 10g lighter than the Galaxy S5. With a 5” display, the BenQ F5 is compact enough for single handed use and you can slip this into your jeans pocket with ease.

5. Capture moments in dark conditions


The BenQ F5’s 13MP camera is also a capable low-light shooter. In very low light conditions, you can switch on its unique Ultra-Sensitivity Mode. When enabled, it combines nearby pixels to increase its camera brightness by 400%. As seen in our test sample above, the difference is literally like night and day.

For selfies, it gets a wide angle 2MP camera at the front. If you decide to take selfies with its main 13MP camera, it can be done easily with its voice control shutter and smile detection feature.

Year End Promotion and how to win one


Now couldn’t be a better time to buy a new BenQ smart phone. With its Year End Promo, the BenQ F5 is now more affordable at RM699 (Normal Price: RM799) while its BenQ T3 is now RM499 (Normal Price: RM599). On top of that, both device will also come with a free case.

Alternatively you can stand a chance to win one by joining #BenQFunMoments contest. All you’ll need to do is to like BenQ Malaysia’s Facebook Page and upload a photo with a caption (not more than 140 characters) on your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #BenQFunMoments. The contest ends on 20th December so start snapping to win!

BenQ F5 Promo Videos

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10 Comments for 5 Reasons why the BenQ F5 is the smart phone to get

MohdWahidi Rosni

Other than LTE, I think Mi3 is either equal or better than it. Anyway, nice offering from Benq!


no way to get this..padfone s is the best value phone for now..can get it for 750 thru lazada


Dear SoyaCincau, please dont start sucking up once phone makers started paying you.
XiaoMi Redmi Note 4G has Quad Core 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 720p on 5.5" screen, 13MP camera, 8GB expandable memory, 3100mAh battery and has local LTE conectivity! It matches/surpasses the silly BenQ and retails for just RM589!


    Oh and it looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than this silly BenQ. Not a big fan of XiaoMi, but I'm here to make a point. Please be realistic while you are publishing SoyaCincau, we have the internet to verify things too!


      Hi Tysun,
      Thanks for the comment, we really appreciate the effort.

      We at SoyaCincau.com are proud to independent and free from outside influence. This is the first thing we tell advertisers and before we take on board a campaign, we make it very clear that we will not and do not do paid endorsements.

      If the advertiser insist, we choose not to take part in the campaign. Feel free to ask any of our advertisers and sponsors.

      We make it clear, up front when a post is paid for by a sponsor, so that our readers know that it is not us endorsing a product. If you mistook the post above as an endorsement, we're sorry for the confusion but let us be clear, that it is not.

      Thank you for verifying the fact presented in this article as well. We treat the BenQ F5 like any other device we get for review and will rate it appropriately based on the information we've gathered.

      Hope this clarifies matters and you can still count on us to be honest and unbiased and we hope you do.

      Amin Ashaari


        Dear Amin,
        Indeed I misunderstood this post as some form of endorsement, although it was stated clearly at the beginning of the post. I believe I am not the only one and this may affect some readers' perspective towards SoyaCincau, as this advert is camouflaged as yet another blog/hands on/review from SoyoCincau. Facebook users who do not click into the article may misunderstand even more easily. Please be cautious when it comes to publishing adverts on your otherwise awesome site.
        Thank you.


          anything wrong with this? anything wrong with you?? maybe you just don't read anything from internet could be better feeling…


If they are just ad banners at the corners of the site, we are totally fine with them. As we clearly know those are.ads. but when they are camouflaged as blog articles, it is a different story altogether.

Steven Tyler

WHen will it get Lollipop?


    stuck forever with no future update. lol