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You can now get the Honor 6 from U Mobile for as low as RM471


The Honor 6 — the best smartphone you can get for under RM1,000 — is now available on contract from U Mobile for as little as RM471.

Currently two plans are on offer. The U88 costs RM88/month and bring with it 3GB of data, 300 minutes of talk time and 300 text a month. You pay zero ringgit upfront and just RM471 for the device on a 24 months contract.

There’s also the U58 plan which costs RM58/month with 2GB of data and 300 minutes of talk time. With this plan, there’s a RM290 upfront fee (RM58/month rebate for 5 months) on top of the RM709 subsidy price for the device, so you pay a total RM999 when you sign-up.

If you have an old phone, U Mobile also has a trade-in program that offers the Honor 6. Details on U Mobile’s trade-in program here. More info on the Honor 6 from U Mobile here.

Why is the Honor 6 our favourite smartphone? Spec-for-spec, no other phone comes close to what the Honor 6 offers. For just under RM1,000, you get a full HD 5-inch device with a very capable 13MP rear camera and a 5MP camera that’s more than enough for taking selfies all day long. There’s a Kirin Octa-Core 1.7GHz processor with a whopping 3GB of RAM (the most RAM in this price range) that’s up to any task we threw at it and the 3,100mAh battery is good for 13 hours of up time for our heavy social media and instant messaging usage.

It’s not often that we speak highly of a smartphone but the Honor 6 is a winner in many aspects. It is a class leader and a device that’s better than a number of much more expensive devices.