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Xiaomi introduces ultra-slim 5,000mAh and ultra-large 16,000mAh Power Banks


Xiaomi Power Banks are one of their hottest selling products. While its smart phones are getting a 4G upgrade, Xiaomi has refreshed its power bank line up with a new 5,000mAh and 16,000mAh model. The 5,000mAh version replaces its current 5,200mAh, and it is super slim at only 9.9mm. Weight wise it is slightly heavier than the 5,200mAh model by a mere 1 gram.

In terms of output, it gets a single USB port that pushes a higher 2.1A instead of the usual 1.5A on the older unit. While it gets smaller in size, it still retains a status button and 4 LED lights for battery level indication. It is priced at 49 CNY which is about RM26.

For those that want more power, Xiaomi has also introduced its mammoth sized Mi 16,000mAh Power Bank that’s priced at 129 CNY (about RM70). Pricing wise it is nearly double of its current RM36 10,400mAh Mi Power Bank but it offers more than just extra battery capacity.

On the previous Mi Power Banks, it usually comes with a single USB port but this larger unit comes with two that pushes up to 3.6A. That should be high enough to charge most popular tablets. According to their product page, the 16,000mAh unit is capable of charging an iPad mini 2.5 times or an iPhone 6 for 5 times.

Don’t expect this to be pocketable as it weighs 350 grams, which is 100grams more than the current 10,400mAh unit. In terms of thickness, it is negligibly thicker at 22mm (10,400mAh: 21.6mm).

Both power banks come protected with circuit protection chip by Texas Instruments. For greater durability, it uses the same all aluminium case like its current power banks that can withstand up to 50kg of pressure. At the moment, both are being sold in China and there’s no word on its international availability.

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Mi 5,000mAh Power Bank



Mi 16,000mAh Power Bank