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AirAsia introduces roKKi Chats. In-flight WiFi service for instant messaging


After a period of Free User Trial tests, low cost carrier AirAsia has officially launched its in-flight WiFi service that’s called roKKi Chats. Like the name suggests, this WiFi service lets you connect to popular instant messaging apps such as LINE, WhatsApp and WeChat.

As an introductory promo, roKKi Chats is offered at RM5 (usual RM8) for a limited time only. To subscribe, you would need to purchase a roKKi Chat token from the flight attendants and each token is valid for one flight only.

Since it is limited to the supported 3 instant messaging apps, don’t expect to connect your laptop for web browsing, uploading selfies or to use it for YouTube videos. Before you start accepting photos or videos on instant messaging, take note that there’s a quota of just 3MB. Once you’ve hit your 3MB limit, you could still continue to use the service but speeds will be reduced to a snail paced 10Kbps. So it is recommended to disable auto-download of photos and videos before you connect on-board.

In terms of speed, roKKi is said to offer 1.33Mbps collectively and it supports up to a maximum of 90 users per flight. Connectivity wise, it connects via satellite and it has 4 access points on the aircraft. Do note that it is only operational above 10,000 feet and the on-board flight attendants will make an announcement once the system is ready. At the moment, roKKi Chats is only applicable for AirAsia flights (AirAsia X not supported) and it will be disabled at restricted air space in India, China and Macau.

For more information, head over to roKKi Chat’s FAQ page.