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OnePlus setting up shop in Malaysia. Searching for GM to lead Malaysian operations


OnePlus has been popular for its high-spec and affordably priced One smart phone. Offered from just US$299 (about RM976) for a flagship device, it is no wonder it has garnered massive interest, making other smart phones look very expensive. With its very limited pre-order availability, Malaysians have to turn to grey importers where they have been selling it at slight markup prices.

For those prefering to get One through official channels, it looks like they are setting up Malaysian operations very soon. They have posted a job vacancy on their official website, searching for a General Manager in Malaysia. The ad mentions that the OnePlus One had garnered tremendous interest in Malaysia and they are working hard to add Malaysia into their official list of countries. Apart from Malaysia, OnePlus is also expanding to India as well.

This is definitely good news and having local presence would give better assurance for warranty and after sales service. With OnePlus in the Malaysian market, consumers are spoilt for choice and competition is always a good thing, right?

If you’re up for it, you can check out the job description here.

Thanks @vin_ann for the tip!