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Sony Xperia Z3’s Intelligent Active Video Stabilisation is impressive


The Sony Xperia Z3‘s camera does not come with an Optical Image Stabilisation which is currently offered on the Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus. However it does come with a SteadyShot feature which was proven to be incredibly good on the previous Xperia Z2.

For the latest Xperia Z3, they have improved its video stability feature with Intelligent Active Mode. According to the technical guys from Sony, the new Intelligent Active mode takes in consideration the movements of the device by receiving input from the gyroscope. When the video is rolling, the device would delay the saving of the video file as it makes necessary adjustments to compensate for any unwanted shakes. According to them, this solution is superior than Optical based video stabilisation.

There are total of 3 modes available under the video’s SteadyShot feature- Off, Normal and Intelligent Active. Unfortunately Intelligent Active mode is only supported up to a maximum of Full HD 1080p resolution, while the Normal SteadyShot is available in 4K mode. To find out how much difference does it make, we recorded a 30-seconds clip in each mode while walking outdoors.

Watch the videos after the break.

Stabilisation Disabled

Stabilisation on with Standard SteadyShot

Stabilisation on with Intelligent Active Mode

Want to watch all 3 simultaneously? Watch it here.

As you can see, the SteadyShot greatly reduces the typical shakes as the video is being recorded while walking. This makes it less nauseating to watch. With Intelligent Active mode enabled, the result is extra smoother and it feels like you’re walking smoothly in a FPS game. What do you guys think?

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