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VIDEO: Samsung says it has proven Big Screen critics wrong with the Galaxy Note series


When the original Samsung Galaxy Note was announced in 2011, the then considered mammoth-sized 5.3 incher was criticised for being too huge as a phone. Holding a phone that stretches single handed use was quite new at that time especially with its 83.0mm width and it weighs 178g with just 2,500mAh capacity battery. As comparison, the latest Galaxy Note 4 despite its bigger 5.7″ screen is narrower at 78.6mm and is thinner at 8.5 mm (Galaxy Note: 9.7mm).

Not many believed that a phone this size would be a hit with consumers. Who could blame them especially when the pioneering Android phablet, the Dell Streak didn’t actually fly but that’s mainly due to its delayed launches and expensive pricing. Luckily for Samsung, they didn’t just increase the screen size but they have added extra features with its S-Pen to differentiate itself from a regular smart phone.

To the surprise of many, there are actually a lot of people digging the big screen Galaxy Note, and the rest is history. It doesn’t end there as people are even more receptive of buying 7-8″ tablets with telephony features and this segment is set to grow in emerging markets.

To gloat or to celebrate its success of making big screen smart phones that work, Samsung has released a video recapping what critics have said then and what they are saying now with the larger iPhones. Watch the video after the break.