SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS rolls out on 17th September


If you’re using an iPhone 5S or an older model, don’t chuck your phone away because of the iPhone 6. The biggest change ever for the iOS platform is coming next week as Apple is rolling out its iOS 8 update.

iPhone and iPad users have long been deprived of having customised keyboards for quicker input. With the latest iOS 8 that’s available on 17th September, users can now switch to better keyboards such as SwiftKey.

The good news is that SwiftKey will be making their popular keyboard available on day 1 itself (17th September), so you can download it right after you’ve updated your device. Similar to its Android offering, SwiftKey is expected to be available as a free download but it comes with optional in-app purchase if you decide on using a different theme.

The beauty of SwiftKey is its intelligent text prediction. The more you type, the better it gets in predicting your next word. For those who prefer swiping, there’s SwiftKey flow which works similar to Swype.

To recap, iOS 8 will be available on the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Meanwhile for the iPad, it will be available starting from iPad 2 and above. You can discover the rest of the new iOS 8 features in our announcement post.