Samsung mocks Apple in its new series of videos

Posted:  September 11, 2014   By:    7 comments   


Samsung is at it again and they have released a series of videos mocking the latest products announced by Apple recently. Looks like they are not holding back as they poked fun at Apple’s failed live stream, its larger screen of its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and even its new Watch.

The South Korean maker has been throwing pot shots at Apple even before the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 was officially announced. It is no secret that Apple’s move to bigger screens contradicts with their refusal of making a bigger smart phone, which is now an interesting point for its competitors to harp on.

Watch them all after the break.

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7 Comments for Samsung mocks Apple in its new series of videos

John Ho


Steve Job fan

the video are very enjoyable.




    Stupid people make stupid jokes.

      Can't deny

      Same goes to Microsoft.

        TJ Tan

        Same goes to Apple. Mac vs PC


Yes but stupid people belief much in old technology shielded with the new housing n pretend it's groundbreaking aka i6