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Maxis getting ready to launch the Note 4?


Maxis has released this interesting teaser and the operator wants you to guess what are they up to. While many on the site are saying that Maxis will be announcing something about the iPhone 6, we are inclined to say that that assumption could not be entirely accurate.

It’s true that the iPhone 6 announcement is happening in a couple of days but it’s unlikely that local operators will announce anything about the new iPhone this early. What is likely is an announcement about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (and probably the Note Edge). Why are we saying its the Note 4 and not the iPhone 6? Here’s why…

Samsung always uses the phrase “Next big thing” to market its new device. Typically, operators will announce about a new iPhone a couple of months after its been launched. This is because, it’s unlikely for Malaysia to be in the first wave of the iPhone’s release. Which means we will have to wait a little longer till the iPhone 6 gets here. And also, word on the street is that Samsung it going on the offensive to steal the thunder from Apple at the announcement of the iPhone 6, could the timing of this teaser be a part of Samsung’s plan drown down Apple? We think it is. What do you think?