Introducing the BookBook: Ikea introduces its 2015 catalog in the most innovative way possible


In an age of eReaders and tablets, in a society that prefers reading what’s on screen rather than what’s on paper, how do you get people to talk about a plain old printed product catalog? You take a leaf from one of the most recognisable technology brand in the world, that’s how.

Ikea has just released its 2015 catalog and the ad promoting the said catalog is one of the most brilliant pieces advertising we’ve ever seen. The YouTube video is an obvious spoof of Apple’s style of marketing a product — simple and peppered with over-the-top superfluous descriptors.

The Ikea video is interesting to watch and if you’re not too keen on a printed catalog before, after seeing how thos one is promoted, you’d probably want to pick one up just for the fun of it.

The video, posted for Ikea Singapore, is a bonafide viral hit, raking in close to 2 million views two days after it was uploaded.

Find out more about Ikea’s BookBook here.