Maxis offers RM10/day international roaming with Data Roam Saver


For travellers that wish to stay connected for basic internet connectivity, Maxis now offers a cheaper Data Roam Saver that costs RM10/day. Available in 16 countries, it offers 50MB of data per day which is sufficient for instant messaging and quick social updates. The best part is that if you do exceed 50MB, there’s no excess charge but speeds will be throttled to as low as 32Kbps.

The Data Roam Saver countries include Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Macau, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and Vietnam. To activate, you can dial *100# or send an SMS (buy datasaver ) to 20008. In terms of usage, it is calculated based on the local time of the country you’re in and it expires at midnight. If 50MB isn’t enough, and if you need full speed, you can either top up another Data Roam Saver or consider getting its bigger Data Roam Pass at RM38/day which offers 250MB data in those countries. To save RM10/day, you can also check out U Mobile’s Free Internet Roaming offer which lets you roam at 50MB/day at selected 7 countries.

For roaming with Maxis, they have made things easier in line with its “It’s not OK to be OK” movement. To avoid bill shocks for connecting with the wrong foreign operator, all Maxis customers would automatically connect to their telco partners that offer unlimited roaming data plans. All you need to worry about is to make sure you’re subscribed to a pass before enabling mobile internet.

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With the recent change, Maxis no longer offers Bridge Data Roam Unlimited that gives a cheaper RM33/day or RM133 for 5 day roaming access. On the DataRoam Pass, there’s a quota of 250MB/day for the above mentioned 16 countries and 50MB/day for the remaining 90 countries. Fortunately there’s no excess charge but speeds will be throttled upon hitting your quota limit. On the upside, its roaming pass coverage now expands across 106 countries which is much more than before. If you have a 4G device, you can also enjoy LTE connectivity in Taiwan, Brunei, Philippines, Japan, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong.

For more information on Maxis Data Roaming service, head over to their page here.