Apple to announce new iPhone on September 9


After months of anticipation and leaks, the iPhone 6 is expected to be announced next month, right after the busy IFA 2014 week. According to recode, Apple is organising a major event on September 9 which is quite a significant date when it comes to product announcements.

From what we’ve seen and heard so far, the new iPhone 6 is expected to be up-sized with a 4.7″ and a 5.5″ screen. This would mark a major jump from its current 4″ offering which is the smallest among the flagship smart phones in the market. The initial leaks also point to a slimmer design with rounded edges which follows closely with its current iPad Air and its latest iPad mini with Retina Display. The biggest change to the iPhone experience also comes from the software where it harnesses the latest features of their latest iOS 8.