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Microsoft to launch 2 new Windows Phones: A Selfie-centric device and an affordable PureView smart phone


Looks like Microsoft is going big with its cameras. At an internal meeting this week, Stephen Elop was reported to have teased 2 new Windows Phone 8.1 devices, one with a large front camera for Selfies and another model which claims to be an affordable PureView device.

The Selfie-centric device, codenamed Superman has the biggest front facing camera on a Windows Phone at 5MP, surpassing its usual 1.2MP/1.3MP shooters. The device is expected to come with a compact 4.7″ display and it is likely to be powered by a popular Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of RAM an has support for 4G LTE. This could be going directly against Sony’s Selfie-centric camera, the Xperia C3.

Next is a device that’s called Tesla or rumoured to be the Lumia 830. Stephon Elop apparently has labeled this device as an affordable high-end phone with a PureView camera. From the purported leaked images, the Lumia 830 is having a large black colour camera housing like the Lumia 1020 and comes with a standard assisted LED illumination instead of Xenon flash. You can check out the shots of the rumoured 830 after the break.



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