Maxis makes “balik-kampung” more rewarding with Waze

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Hari Raya is only a few days away and many would be driving home this weekend for the celebrations. To make your road trip more fun and rewarding, Maxis is running a reward contest on Waze where you can stand a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 (1X Daily) or RM200 Petronas fuel vouchers (9X Daily). To win, all you’ll need to do is be among the top 10 users to submit as many unique codes in a single day.

To participate, just switch on Waze on your trip home. Whenever you’re near a Maxis Pin, a message will pop up which you’ll need to save for later viewing in the Waze Inbox. Each message would contain a unique code which you’ll need to submit them at the end of the day. The more you submit, the more chances you have of winning.

The contest starts this Friday, 25th July until 3rd August 2014 and the pins are dropped randomly nationwide. It is open to Maxis and Hotlink subscribers only. As always, keep your eyes on the road and it is best to get your passenger to handle the app for you.

For more information, head over to Maxis’s Waze Raya contest page.

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Comment for Maxis makes “balik-kampung” more rewarding with Waze


Does Waze even work in places where there is no signal? I used it once a long time ago and it does require a data/internet connection. Try going on a road trip or balik kampung from Miri to Bintulu and you get the idea. In the middle of the road trip, there is no signal at all until you reach some nearby village scattered along the way, and that is far and few in between.

Only GPS apps which can work completely offline like Navigon and HERE Maps and Drive to name a few benefit for road trips like this (and travelling abroad).