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Facebook lets you save social items so you can read them later


The newsfeed on Facebook is always buzzing with breaking news, funny videos and photos that could be worth sharing. Sometimes you would stumble upon interesting things which you can’t view immediately but would love to get back to it sometime later. To keep you hooked to the things that matter, Facebook is introducing its new Save feature on its mobile app as well as desktop version.

There are similar offerings out there such as Instapaper and Readability but having it natively within Facebook keeps it more seamless regardless on which device or platform you’re on.


Now if you have something interesting to catch on later, you can tap on links, places or videos and save them individually for later viewing. To view your saved items, you can click on the “More” tab at the sides and head over to “Save”. In case you’ve forgotten, Facebook would periodically remind you of the items that you have saved. In terms of availability, it will be rolling out in the next couple of days to iOS and Android users as well as desktop web versions.

Introducing Save on Facebook from Facebook on Vimeo.