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VIDEO: Sony Xperia C3’s Selfie features demonstrated

Sony Xperia C3

Sony will be announcing a Selfie centric smart phone today which is expected to be the Xperia C3. Apart of having a front facing LED flash, the new Selfie smart phone also gets a couple of software based features which has been captured on video.

For single handed operation, you can take a photo by simply double tapping at the back. If you decide to use the main camera, there’s also a voice guided selfie mode which tells you if you’re holding the smart phone too close or too far. Once your face is in perfect view, it will alert you to hold your position as it takes a snap automatically.

The specs of the device is still unknown except that the battery will be a decent 2,500mAh capacity and the screen is probably a 5″ unit with HD 720p resolution. We will find out more once it goes official at the end of the day. You can watch the Xperia C3 in action after the break.