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Sony to launch a new smart phone for better Selfies in the dark


Taking Selfie pictures is an in-thing right now and most smart phone manufacturers are introducing tons of new features for better shots. The front facing camera of the smart phones these days have been upgraded with higher pixel count, wider lenses and software assist to help capture and beautify your self taken photos.

Sony will be releasing a Selfie-centric smart phone of their own which will be announced tomorrow, 8th July. The teaser image above shows a group shot taken in the dark with the hashtag #GetTheFullPicture. If you’re wondering what it could be, a new leak from China has emerged giving us a sneak preview of what to expect tomorrow.


The device shown above is alleged to be the Sony Xperia C3 that comes with a front facing LED flash light at the top. This allows better illuminated Selfies taken in low light situations. It isn’t the first device however as Acer had announced a similar offering with the Liquid E3. The rest of the specs and features are unknown at this point but the battery is said to be a modest 2,500mAh capacity unit.

Do you really need a LED flash for Selfie shots? We would prefer wider angles which the Huawei Ascend P7 does remarkably well with its Panorama Selfie mode.