Oppo Indonesia teases new device with High Quality audio


UPDATE: The audio device is Oppo’s Planar Magnetic Headphones. Thanks to “htcuser” for the tip. More details after the break.

Oppo in Indonesia has posted a teaser image that a new device for audiophiles is coming soon. They have yet to reveal any pictures of the product and it may not turn out to be a smart phone with the best speakers on it. The new device which claims to offer the best audio experience will be revealed today and a user had posted a picture in their Facebook post which could be the actual product.


The posted picture shown above appears to be a new set of headphones that comes with a cord. Beside it is an unknown device which could be a media player or a new smart phone. Of course this could be a fake image but it won’t take too long before Oppo Indonesia reveals it sometime later today.

Oppo Planar Magnetic Headphones

The upcoming audio product turns out to be their high-end Planar Magnetic Headphones that is priced at US$1,099. The headphones boast the usage of planar magnetic drivers which results a lightweight construction that provides life-like audio clarity. For more information, head over to their product page.