Purported Xiaomi Mi 4 appears with sketchy details


Xiaomi currently has 3 smart phones in their line up and they have yet to announced a device that supports faster 4G LTE. Its Mi 3 successor which is rumoured as the Mi 3S or Mi 4 has appeared once again with a frontal shot of the device. The device shown is exactly the same as what we’ve seen earlier with a while colour front panel and the usage of thin bezels. Also retained is the 3 capacitive buttons at the front.

The latest speculation claims that the new device will have a bigger 16MP camera with larger aperture for better pictures in low light conditions. In terms of processor, it is said to be a the latest top notch Quad-Core processor is likely to be the latest Snapdragon 805 processor or even its higher end Snapdragon 810 variant which will come with 4G LTE support. The display is expected to retain the same 5″ size and it is likely to be pushing a similar Full HD resolution as its predecessor. Is 4G LTE a deal breaker to you? We would rather have a larger storage capacity option or perhaps a unit which comes with a microSD expansion slot.

Currently the Mi 3 Smart Phone with its 5″ Full HD display and 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor is priced at RM769. Meanwhile its 2 new affordable Redmi 1S and Redmi Note smart phones will be going on sale in Malaysia at RM419 and RM509 respectively.