Xiaomi stocks up more power bank on 10th June. Introduces new 5,200mAh capacity unit


UPDATE: Xiaomi has updated there’s a max limit of 2 items per order. You can mix 1 unt of 10,400mAh and 1 unit 5,200mAh in the same order but do take note of minimum delivery charges.

The hot-selling Mi Power Bank will be restocked next Tuesday, 10th June at 12PM (noon) and this time they are doubling the stocks at 10,000 units for the 10,400mAh Mi Power Bank. That’s not all as Xiaomi is also introducing a smaller 5,200mAh Power Bank as well which is priced slightly cheaper at RM25 with 5,000 units available. Most would prefer to get the 10,400mAh unit at RM36 for more “power” for your buck but consider this – the 5,200mAh unit is lighter and more compact to carry.

The 10,400mAh unit weighs 250grams while the 5,200mAh unit is lighter at 155grams. In terms of output, the 10,400mAh Power Bank pushes 2.1A while the 5,200mAh does a lower 1.5A. So this means that the 5,200mAh Power Bank would take slightly longer time to charge your smart phone. You can check out the 5,200mAh specs on their China web site.

In the last sale, 5,000 units of the Mi Power Bank were snapped up in just 1 minute and 2 seconds. To prepare yourself for the instant sale madness, do check out the Buyer’s guide on what you need to standby. It is advisable to keep your First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 typed out on Notepad before 12PM. When the sales start, it is faster to copy and paste those details instead of typing them when you’re checking out the cart.

For those who didn’t managed to get it the last round, good luck! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our quick hands-on with the Mi Power Bank here.

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Check out more images of the 5,200mAh Mi Power Bank after the break.