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ASUS Transformer Book V – Phone, Tablet & Laptop hybrid offering both Android & Windows experience


Ahead of Computex, ASUS had teased what seems to be their latest PadFone hybrid device which offers a convergence of Phone, Tablet and Laptop modes. When Jonney Shih took the covers off its latest sequel, ASUS has taken convergence to a whole new level with 5 modes – a Windows Laptop, a Windows Tablet, an Android Phone, Android Tablet and a Android Laptop. This new hybrid offering is called as the Transformer Book V, offering 5 different modes in a 3in1 solution. The only thing that’s lacking is a Windows Phone mode.

The full specs of the Transformer Book V has yet to be revealed. From the event, the smart phone which slots behind the tablet is a 5″ unit that’s powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom Quad-Core processor with 4G LTE connectivity. Juicing up the phone is a 2,500mAh battery which is said to last 10 hours of web browsing.

The tablet station is a slim unit with a 12.5″ HD display that can be used independently as a standalone Windows 8.1 Tablet. As comparison, the previous PadFone tablets were merely a display which is powered by the phone unit.

The tablet can be a Android 4.4 KitKat device when the phone is docked on it and comes with a massive 128GB of storage. With the keyboard attached, this gives you a full laptop mode in either Windows and Android experience. There’s no word on its availability but you can be assured that this will not come cheap.

Check out some images from the launch after the break.