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Maxis offers Mi 3 from RM389 with their latest ONEplan


Maxis is offering the Xiaomi Mi 3 smart phone and it is only available with contract bundling with its latest ONEplan. Unlike previous device bundlings, where you have the option to choose the duration of your contract, the Mi 3 is only available on a 24 months contract .

The bundled Mi 3 pricing with ONEplan are as follows:

ONEplan Lite – 24 months (RM78/month) – RM589
ONEplan – 24 months (RM128/month) – RM389

As an added promo, Maxis is giving additional RM10/month rebate for 24 months if you top up more data at RM30 per GB. Upon signing up, you will need to fork out an advance payment of RM312 for the OnePlan Lite or RM512 for the OnePlan which is basically an up front payment of 4 months of the monthly subscription fee. You can find out more about ONEplan over here.

If you just need a data plan with occasional voice calls, you are better off buying the Mi 3 outright at RM889 and subscribe to a SurfMore plan separately. For extra savings, you can sign up for a SurfMore plan with contract which gives up to RM225 off.

If we are to compare with DiGi’s Mi 3 offering, their SmartPlan 78 offers more data at 3GB and comes bundled with 100 minutes of voice and 100 SMS to all networks. On the same duration of 24 months contract, you only have to pay RM499 for the Mi 3 as compared to RM589 with Maxis.

For more information, head over to Maxis’s Mi 3 product page. Customers who order the Mi 3 from Maxis will receive their units somewhere around June 13 which is about 2 weeks from now.