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Hands-on: Xiaomi Mi Power Bank


We finally received our order of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank which went on sale on 20th May. For RM36, it packs a massive 10,400mAh capacity battery which could charge most flagship smart phones about 3 times.

The packaging is quite simple, it comes in a white box with the battery pack and a short micro USB cable. If you’re using iPhone or iPad, you can plug in your original cable into the full size USB port that pushes 2 Amps. There’s a power button and several LED light which shows the remaining charge left.

To get your hands on one, the Mi Power Bank will be on sale tomorrow (28th May) at 12PM. Hopefully they have resolved the technical issues which affected today’s sale.

Check out our quick hands-on video and photos after the break.

Mi Power Bank Hands-on Video

Mi Power Bank Photos