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Maxis to open pre-orders for Xiaomi Mi 3 on 30th May


UPDATE: Maxis offers Mi 3 from RM389 but only with their latest ONEplan. More details here.

If you prefer to buy the Xiaomi Mi 3 smart phone on contract, it will be made available through our big 3 telcos in Malaysia. Maxis has pinned 30th May as the day they start accepting pre-orders for the hot-selling smart phone. As usual, you can expect Maxis to bundle this with their SurfMore and TalkMore + Data plans in 12 months and 24 months contract duration.

DiGi is offering the Mi 3 too and they will be accepting orders on 27th May, the same day Xiaomi kicks off its second round of online sales. Celcom will be offering device on contract as well but they have yet to announce any sales promo.

On last Tuesday, Xiaomi had sold out 4,000 units of its Mi 3 in just 17 minutes. If you’re planning to order one outright without contract, there will be 6,000 units available this coming Tuesday 27th May at 12PM sharp. For greater chance of successful transaction, do read the Buyer’s Guide and we strongly recommend having your Xiaomi and Paypal account ready for faster check out.