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If you’re secretly gay, the ASUS ZenFone is for you

Posted:  May 22, 2014   By:    14 comments   


This video was made by Asus for the Chinese market. What started off as a sappy teen love story turns out to be something totally unexpected in the end.

The message? If you’re secretly gay and in love with your best friend then the ASUS ZenFone is just what you need. Watch the video after the break.


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14 Comments for If you’re secretly gay, the ASUS ZenFone is for you

Yusyaimi Yunus

Nice feature


Crazy peoples..gay dont come to Malaysia..
Zenfone devices can come..


    Gay people are human beings like you and me. Show some respect pls.

    Freedom supporter

    People who are not open and receiving like YOU shouldn't be in Malaysia!

pengikut nabi lut

carefil of what you're promoting, soya.

zenfone – yes.

lgbt – no.

    shameles pngikutnabi

    freedom in love & respect – yes.

    discrimination – no.

stop the hate

What's wrong with LBGT or gays? They are humans. Do they harm you? No. Stop the hate. If you don't like it just shut the fuck up? There a sizeable gay and LBGT community in Malaysia. Stop them if you can.

Muhammad Nazirul Bakarudin

dont want la buy zenfone nnt org ingat gay!! lolx


I probably won't want to be in any pictures taken by a Zenfone after seeing this… O.o

OMG Asus

Hello to all Soyacincau readers, I work in advertising creative field, sorry to say but I personally strongly think this is a very bad and lousy Ad. The whole concept, idea, story doesn't help Asus at all in promoting its brand nor the phone! It makes Asus look 'cheap'! (1)Seriously, do they really have to play basketball in jeans? (2)Why the h*ll did the gay dude ask the other dude to go for the babe at the first place? He should be jealous from e beginning according to logic.. (3)Korean song for a Taiwanese brand??? Maybe Asus thinks Korean gay drama is more 'Cool', or maybe Asus wants people to think its brand is 'as Korean as' Samsung.. Hate this part the most, man. Overall, it makes me lose faith in Asus's brand identity and product.. *facepalm* Maybe their product is more suitable for gay, which unfortunately I'm not… Sorry Asus, pass!

    Not Designer

    ASUS trying to make people thin think they are Korean as Samsung? You say you work in advertising field? I don't think so.


Ha ha… not even 'gay' feature can persuade people to buy zenfone. not when there are huawei (honor 3c) and xiaomi (mi3) which have better specs, not to mention much cheaper. No need to pre-order and they arrive on time (or a week :P). shame on you asus, you lose potential customers even before the battle began


LGBT haters. You better pray your sons and grandsons are not born gay.


LOL… i kinda like this ad.. its kinda funny…