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Hands-on: Xiaomi Mi 3 & MIUI OS Walk through

Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

Xiaomi Malaysia will sell its Mi 3 Smart Phone on Tuesday, 20th May at 12PM. The RM889 smart phone is expected to be a hot seller with just 4,000 units available. It offers top rated specs that are similar to other smart phones twice its price. If you’re wondering how is it like to hold and to use one, we’ve just released our hands-on video of the Mi 3.

The hardware of the Mi 3 is only half the story. It runs on an impressive MIUI operating system that’s currently based on Android 4.3. The interface is very easy to use but at the same time offers heaps of customisation that a power user would feel at home. Some of the unique features include a permissions management for your apps, a host of apps to keep your device running at tip top condition and small little touches that just make it more pleasant to use.

Check out our videos after the break to find out what Xiaomi Mi 3 has to offer.

If you’re planning to buy one, be sure to check out the Xiaomi buyer’s guide ahead of the big day.

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