Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs EOS 5D Mark III Video Shootout


When it comes to photography or taking videos, many would turn to proper gears like a DSLR camera than using a smart phone. Taking Full HD videos was a big thing and now we are seeing smart phones that are capable of shooting 4K videos. To see if these portable smart phones are anywhere near the quality of a DSLR, cinematographer Alec Weinstein had compared the Galaxy Note 3 4K video capabilities with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

Going against the EOS 5D Mark III, you would expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be left far behind but the results are quite surprising. With the Note 3’s 4K video recording, it manages to capture significant detail at its native size that matches or even surpass the 5D Mark III video quality. Of course, a DSLR has its own advantages but the demo shows how much smart phones have improved over the years. You can check out the comprehensive video comparison after the break.

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