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Maxis wants to be better. Aspires to step up from just OK to Great


When Morten Lundal took helm as CEO of Maxis late last year, he faces an incredible challenge. Not that Maxis is in dire straits, in fact its customer service experience and network is pretty OK. That’s where the problem lies.

It is very normal to accept things for just being OK. OK is mediocre or simply the middle ground in a survey form where you are asked to rate between Poor and Excellent. For Maxis, they don’t want to settle for average and they aspire to be Great. Now they are in a pursuit to achieve that with a motto that “It’s not OK to be OK”.

Of course, making changes won’t be easy. So Maxis is looking at areas which can give the biggest impact in customer satisfaction with minimal tweaks possible. To date they have made 15 customer service improvements which potentially impact 4 million+ subscribers. One of such improvements is the queuing system at customer service centres.

In a typical centre set up, customers would normally need to queue up to take a paper ticket based on the services they require. To eliminate frustration of queueing, Maxis will have roaming representatives to approach you in a personalised manner. Immediately they can issue a queue number which is sent to your mobile phone via SMS. When your number is nearly up, the system will also remind you via SMS and later on inform you of your counter number when it is your turn. Not only it’s paperless but it makes the process much more efficient. Their goal is a turnaround time of 10 minutes per customer which is quite an ambitious target.

Apart from this, there are more improvements such as more international roaming countries with fixed unlimited daily internet rates and also a better control of mobile content subscriptions which often results shocking bills. Check out the first few videos of their series after the break.

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For more information, head over to Maxis It’s Not OK to be OK page.