Xiaomi launching something next week. Could this be their new Mi3S flagship smart phone?


Xiaomi will be announcing something big next week on the 15th of May. This is likely to be their upcoming Mi3S smart phone which replaces its current Mi3 flagship device.

According to their official event site, tickets for the event will go on sale on this Thursday, 8th May for 199 Yuan (about RM104) per person. If you’re wondering why they are charging people to attend their event, it looks like every participant would be walking away with something special. During last year’s event, each attendee were given a brand new Redmi smart phone.

With Xiaomi being virtually present in Malaysia, we probably can expect this device to arrive in our shores sometime this year. In terms of specs, the Mi3S is said to be running on a newer 2.5GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM and comes with a better built body. The rest of the specs are expected to remain unchanged with a Full HD 5″ display and a 13MP camera but this time it is speculated to come with high-speed 4G LTE support. You can check out its earlier leaked images of the Mi3S here.

More shall be revealed next week, so mark your calendars for 15th May.