Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia complete. Nokia logo gets replaced at HQ

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Today Microsoft has officially acquired Nokia and the Finnish phone manufacturer is now known as Microsoft Mobile. To reflect the change of ownership and name, the Nokia logo at their Finland Head Quarters is finally taken down and it will be replaced with Microsoft as shown above.

With Windows Phone being a main priority for Microsoft, loyal Lumia users would expect more innovation in order to stay ahead of the smart phone race. Stephen Elop in his open letter also pledges continued commitment in supporting its current line up of feature phones, Asha devices as well as the newly announced Nokia X range. While Nokia as a company no longer exists, the Nokia brand is expected to be continue for its non-Lumia devices.

You can read Stephen’s open letter over here.


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5 Comments for Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia complete. Nokia logo gets replaced at HQ


Fk u, Elop!


Bye Bye to Nokia means goodbye too to WP phone.

Goodbye……Selamat tinggal…….再见…..குட்பை…..Hyvästi!

Wiz View

Microsoft is not Nokia. They hv finally killed the sicklt Golden Goose


Damn sad.


My last phone was Nokia XpressMusic 5800. Quite good actually before I switched to Samsung Galaxy Wonder. Still can see people using the Nokia E9 business phone.
It must be a wrong decision by the management to let this thing happened.