Maxis wants to trade your old Samsung Galaxy & iPhone for a brand new iPhone 5S


If your current smart phone is holding you back from getting a new iPhone 5S, Maxis has an easier way to switch. Now they are offering a trade-in and trade-up program which lets you swap your current Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S for the latest iPhone 5S on contract.

As comparison, normally the iPhone 5S is offered at RM1,599 with 24 months contract of iValue 1. If you bring in your Galaxy Note II or iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5S can be yours at RM849, which effectively is RM700 trade-in value. For the Galaxy S III and iPhone 4, that’s equivalent of RM500 trade-in value.

The trade-in program is available nationwide at Maxis Outlets and Exclusive Partners. All you need to do is bring your device even without the box, chargers or cables.

For more information, head over to Maxis or you can check out the full trade-in list after the break.

iPhone 4S / Samsung Galaxy Note II

iPhone 5S 16GB
iValue 1 (RM100/month) – RM849
iValue 2 (RM155/month) – RM449
iValue 3 (RM250/month) – FREE

iPhone 5S 32GB
iValue 1 (RM100/month) – RM1,199
iValue 2 (RM155/month) – RM999
iValue 3 (RM250/month) – RM199

iPhone 5S 64GB
iValue 1 (RM100/month) – RM1,479
iValue 2 (RM155/month) – RM1,329
iValue 3 (RM250/month) – RM549

iPhone 4 / Samsung Galaxy S III

iPhone 5S 16GB
iValue 1 (RM100/month) – RM1,099
iValue 2 (RM155/month) – RM699
iValue 3 (RM250/month) – RM99

iPhone 5S 32GB
iValue 1 (RM100/month) – RM1,449
iValue 2 (RM155/month) – RM1,249
iValue 3 (RM250/month) – RM449

iPhone 5S 64GB
iValue 1 (RM100/month) – RM1,729
iValue 2 (RM155/month) – RM1,579
iValue 3 (RM250/month) – RM799

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Take note there’s an upfront payment of RM700, RM1,000 and RM1,600 required during sign up. The trade-in program is only applicable with 24 months contract.